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Friday, September 14, 2007

Celebrity News

Someone sent an email to telling him that Hollywood celebrities Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were in Tanzania recently for charity. (and perhaps to shoot a movie, speculation).
This is what they said to perezhilton: “My friends and I live in Tanzania, East Africa (BONGO) and we just bumped into Ben and Matt at a hotel while we were having happy hour. They were the most down to earth and most awesome guys we have met in a while ( THEY ARE NOW TANZANIAN LEGENDS!!). Honestly, they were so nice and were down to take a photo with us. Matt Damon even introduced himself!! How cool is that? Plus we are pleased to report that Ben Affleck is totally HOT! and very very tall. They are here for aid work and even after a full day, they still posed for a photo. We urge everyone to go watch the Bourne Ultimatum!!”
What i liked about the fact that they came to Africa is that, they didn't go with an entourage of cameras, if that person hadn't sent that email and picture, the public wouldn't have known they were there (in Tanzania) at all. That is what i like.
You don't have to announce to the whole world (like Brangelina) when u are doing something for charity. Let people see u and talk about Ur good work. Weldone guys!

The guy has been accused of breaking into a Casino hotel room in Las Vegas. It is reported that he took a sport memorabilia from the room while he was there. However, the dude claims he didn't break into the hotel, only took what belonged to him.
He said someone called to tell him that people were selling his stuff(stolen stuff), he arranged a meeting with the sellers and according to him 'took what belonged to him'.
If it is his, why not?

Chris Langham sentenced to 10 months imprisonment.
Top British comedian and Bafta award winner, Chris Langham, has (today, 14Th September)been sentenced to 10 months in jail for downloading child pornography.
The 58 year old admitted to downloading child porn but said he wasn't a pedophile. He said he was sexually abused as a child and was trying to deal with the ordeal he passed through by looking at indecent photographs of children.(Oyibo). He also claimed he downloaded these images because he was conducting a research for the BBC television series 'Help' and that he wanted to explore the way society viewed sex offenders through him. I think i believe him or....NOT. I don't know. The episodes for this show were never made.
His wife and three sons were in court when he was sentenced and were really disappointed with the result. His kids said they never, at any time, felt threatened by their father.
The good news (at least for his family) is that, Chris would only spend five(5) months of his ten(10) months jail term.


LurLar said...

I would love to meet Ben too.

bighead said...

that Chris guy in addition to being abused as a child probably told long tales too. see the expertise in this one.

Daddy's Girl said...

LOL at bighead's comment... I don't believe the guy jare.. wich kain therapy be dat? So if I was abused as a child, it's going to 'help' me to view other children who have been/are being abused too?! I don't believe that one jare... as for him doing research for a programme, that sounds more plausible. Except that if that were the case, he would have at least discussed it in meetings with colleagues and documented it, and the colleagues would be in a position to corroborate his story... he must have been aware of the risk that his 'research' could be misconstrued, why didn't he guard against it... I think he was just being pervy joo, he should get counselling while he's in jail. Thank God his children say he's never tried to harm them, that's good.