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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

U-17 world champions + Update

The U-17 world champions (Nigeria Golden Eaglets) arrived Lagos yesterday. They were hailed by a huge crowd of people when they exited the airport. A large crowd of people hailed them as they slowly drove along the street of Lagos.

The Golden Eaglets with the Governor of Lagos state. Babatunde Fashola. (The governor is the one with the pink arrow pointing on him)
When the world champions arrived Lagos.
They were later hosted by the Lagos state governor, Babatunde Fashola, yesterday in Lagos state.
The were treated to nice cultural dances , good food( i hope),etc., they were well entertained in general even though a lot of them looked like they could easily fall asleep right there at the party. Lol.
Oh! The main gist is that, the governor gave each player, four hundred thousand Naira (US$3150) worth of shares in a Lagos State company and a hundred thousand Naira(US$788) life insurance policy for winning the world cup.
Impressive eh? Lol.
They will be hosted in Abuja tomorrow by the president. I hope they get better prizes for winning the prestigious cup.
The delighted President, Umaru Musa Yar Adua, hosted the Eaglets at a Gala Nite held in their honour in Abuja over the weekend and announced the gifts of three-bedroom bungalows to each of the players and the eight officials. The houses situated in the Wuse area of the Federal Capital cost between N6.5m-N7m per unit.
He also gave each player the award of M.O.N. (Member of the Order of Niger) and each official the award/title of M.F.R. (Member of the Federal Republic of Nigeria).mmm. Nice. I think.
The Eaglets will be hosted by other private companies later.


LurLar said...

Am happy for will be nice if they can keep it up sha.

ibiluv said...

Fashola is only being smart
he isnt a SAN for nothing
he dare not *overgive*
Lagos roads are deplorable
and i hear he wants to see proposals of what monies will be spent on before releasing funds
why splurge on national stars?
they aiint Lagos stars!!!!!!!
the boys did well
they got paid
anything else is extra

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