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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Richard Branson's generosity, Thailand Crash

The McCann's thought the two million pounds raised for Madeline would be used to cover their legal cost, but this was not to be. The people in charge of the fund for Madeleine said, it would only be used for what it was originally set for, to find Madeleine.

I haven't said anything about these 2 people cos, i think there is something going on that we don't know about. Only Gerry and Kate McCann know what is really going on.

When they were in Portugal, they vowed that they wouldn't leave the country until their daughter was found, however, as soon as they were named 'formal suspects', they decided to leave the country in a huge hurry. What happened to the vow they made?
Sir Richard Branson has pledged, a hundred thousand pounds (£100,000) to the McCann's to cover their legal cost. He said, he did this, so that they would be given a fair hearing. mmmm. Still no comment from me.

I was watching Sky News this morning and what did i see that was scrolled? 'News alert: Gerry and Kate McCann attend mass'. Reporters and photographers were seen taking pictures of them walking to church, hand in hand. What was that about? Don't they have better things to report about? Like the plane crash in Phuket, Thailand which occurred this morning? 'The McCann's went to church this morning', so fuck what? Who gives a toss?

I don't know why the press give unnecessary attention to some people.

They should concentrate on finding Madeleine or finding her killer(s). Please.

To the Thailand Plane Crash:
News report say that the pilot was given the clear to land, but because it was raining heavily and visibility was poor, he decided to manoeuvre the plane, but lost balance and crashed. The plane which carried people from Bangkok to Phuket, Thailand, split into two and burst into flames after it landed.
There were 123 passengers (most of whom were tourists) and seven crew members on board, . About 88 people have been declared dead.

There is a mini morgue near the airport for families to identify the bodies of their loved ones. Most of the passengers were tourists from the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Israel, the US, one Canadian, Iran etc.

About 90 people on board were foreigners and about 30 people survived the crash, with minor injuries, especially, face injuries and burns.

An investigation into what really happened has begun, fortunately the pilot and co-pilot survived the crash.

May the souls of the 88 passengers who were in the Phuket, Thailand, crash rest in Peace. Amen.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree, the news is stale and deeply upsetting, God sees all, whatever happened to that girl, I pray for her and all the other missing children in this world. We humans are very wicked and sad, I pray for Jesus's quick return so we can live a life of peace and worship.

As per the plane crash, we pray for strength and courage for their families, I hope those who perished lived a fulfilled and Godly life.

Love conquers all, we need more of it everyday.

LurLar said...

May their sould rest in peace!!!

LurLar said...


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