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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Nigeria is 2007 FIFA U-17 World Cup Champions

We did it!!! Yes we did it!!!!

We beat Spain on penalties! 3-0. Yes!!!

My heart was pounding so so hard and racing very fast when the penalty shoot out began. I told my sister that i didn't think we would win cos we had always lost matches on penalties. But Alas! They proved me wrong. They made us proud.
The powerful shots by the Nigerian players were superb! Our keeper (Akinboye) did us proud by saving two goals.

We were the only team in the competition that didn't loose any game. We won all our matches and conceded 4 goals in the whole competition.

Macauley Chrisantus

Macauley Chrisantus of Nigeria, won the golden shoe and Silver ball awards. He was the second-best player of the tournament and the highest goal scorer of the tournament with seven goals. .

We did it again!

For those who missed the competition, let me give u the higlight of our total matches and results:

Final: today, 09/09/07: Spain 0-0 Nigeria (After 90 mins of play and 30 mins of extra time).
Nigeria win 3-0 on penalties.

Semi-finals:06/09/07: Nigeria 3-1 Germany

Quarter-finals: 02/09/07: Argentina 0-2 Nigeria

Round of 16:
30/08/07: Nigeria 2-1 Colombia

In Group D.
They had the highest points on the table with 3 matches, 3 wins, No draw, No loss, scored 9 golas, conceded 2 goals and had total points of 9.

The break down of group D matches:
19/08/07: Nigeria 2-1 France
19/08/07: Japan 3-1 Haiti
22/08/07: Haiti 1-1 France
22/08/07: Japan 0-3 Nigeria
25/08/07: Nigeria 4-1 Haiti
25/08/07: France 2-1 Japan

Congratulations Nigeria!!!


Anonymous said...

I anxiously waited for the results of the under 17 world cup, constantly checking the internet for updates. Your blog was the first site to give me the results of the finals.

Congrats to all Nigerians on this happy day we claimed under-17 world cup victory...Shuts from USA!


Vera Ikeji said...

I am glad u got the result from here, Chris. Yes, congrats to all Nigerians. Hurray!!!