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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Surjit Athwal killers sent to Life in Jail

Surjit Athwal was a 27 year old Indian, who was born in the U.K. She worked as a customs officer at Heathrow and married a fellow Indian who worked as a mini bus driver in Heathrow.
They had two kids together but she suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth in 1998.
Her husband's family didn't like her 'western ways'. They didn't like the fact that she had cut her hair short, smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol. They also suspected that she was cheating on her 43 year old husband. They allegedly confirmed her infidelity when she announced that she wanted a divorce. At a secret family meeting, the matriarch Bachan, 70, a mother of six, allegedly decreed that her daughter-in law had besmirched the family's honour, and said they needed to "get rid of her".
"Surjit was a vivacious girl, and while working at a customs officer at Heathrow as the main wage-earner in her family, had adapted a somewhat Westernised style of life. It may be that was not popular at home.
Her mother-in-law lured her to India on the pretext of attending a wedding but when she got there, her husband's brother was contracted to strangled her.
After she was killed, mother and son returned to the U.K. as if nothing had happened. They(mother-in-law and husband) forged threat letters to Scotland yard saying that her own father wanted her dead so that they wont be suspected of killing Surjit.

Shortly after her husband returned to U.K., he remarried and forged her signature,so he could claim her house as his.

The most amazing aspect of this story is that, Mother and Son live in the U.K.. One would think that they would have adapted to the Western life.

Anyways, prosecution and legal proceedings started after Surjit's brother,Jagdeesh Sing, reported the case and followed it up. After thorough investigations, both mother-in-law, Bachan, and her son, Sukhdave have been found guilty today and would each serve a life jail term. Surjit's mother-in-law who is 70, would spend at least 20 years in jail before she can be considered for release.
May God save us from wicked mother-in-laws O! Amen.


bighead said...

True story??? Serious eyaa. Some people have serious head issues. The monther and son duo more than deserved what came to them

Vera Ikeji said...

@ bighead, yes true story o! Mother and son were both sentenced today.

Anonymous said...

This is not about mother in law, but a human rights issue, the poor lady should have the right to live whichever way she wants and should be answerable only to her maker. This is what our world has become, we now have lunatics everywhere who feel they are justified in killing if you dont follow their ways, take al quaeda for example, as far as they are concerned, if they have requested we convert to islam and we dont then we are fair game to them. The war between evil and good is tilting upwards and we are fast approaching the peak.

All the man had to do was give her a divorce and move on with his life. May her soul rest in peace and hope that the conviction will act as deterrant to those currently harbouring evil thoughts of that nature.



LittleGirlLost said...

May Surjits Soul Rest in Peace. Poor woman. Please God deliver us from Crazy fanatical people!

LurLar said...

Amen oh...from wicked mother-in-laws,nd heartless husband. If you dnt like her anymore divorce nd marry some1 that will be committed to you. I hope the husband will not be able to get parole sha,nd d mother sef.

Daddy's Girl said...

Terrible. How cruel.

ofunne said...

Horrible!I hope they rot in hell.

wienna said...

I tell u, knowing how the british legal system sucks. I bet you both of them are going to be freed in 5 yrs time due to 'overcrowding' and 'good behaviour'.

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