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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dana Air plane crash in Lagos Nigeria

Dana Airlines commercial aircraft which flew from Abuja to Lagos with 157 passengers and Cabin crew members crashed at Iju, Lagos this morning, June 3rd 2012. This plane crash is said to be one of the worst air crashes in Nigeria’s history. NCAA confirmed that there were no survivors! One of the victims is former broadcaster Dr.Levi Ajuonuma.
However, some people who lived in the home where the plane crashed survived.

A contract staff with the British American Tobacco Company, Mr Isaac Daniel, who resides in the two-storey building where the Dana plane crashed said he lost everything he had to the incident.
Daniel told the News Agency of Nigeria that he resided at the ground floor of the building with five members of his family.
He said that all his family members survived the crash but lost their certificates to the inferno, adding that he was not at home when the incident occurred.
Eye-witnesses said that three lifeless bodies had been removed from the wrecked building.
Rescue teams, including the Fire Service and the Lagos State Ambulance Services were not able to get to the scene of wreckage as large crowd of people made it impossible for the rescue teams to have access. The police were helpless as crowds of people thronged the area to have a glimpse of the incident.
Thousands of onlookers had partially blocked access to the crash site, prompting soldiers to try to clear the area out. They used rubber whips, their fists and even threw a wood plank at those crowded around.
The strong-arm tactics likely did more harm than good. Looking to evade the troops' aggression, people took off in several directions, trampling their neighbours as they tried to avoid being crushed themselves. Some locals snaked a fire hose hoisted on their shoulders from a truck parked on the road towards the impact area.
However, this effort was also interrupted by the security forces, whose aggression eventually broke up the human chain.
Some reacted by throwing stones at the troops, creating a crossfire of hailing rocks over the narrow street adjacent to the site.
The area also plunged into all-out pandemonium when a helicopter tried to land amid the crowd, kicking up clouds of ash and light debris that again scattered people in various directions.
After the crash, it appeared only a handful of rescue vehicles had managed to fight through the chaos to reach the site.
The impact caused an immediate fire and sent people running, but they quickly returned, and within hours of the crash the roofs and balconies of the surrounding ramshackle buildings were flooded with those surveying the damage
This same airplane was the same one that had landing gear problems in Uyo but I don't think anything was properly done to fix the mechanical problem it had. As usual, some people over there would rather do a half a$$ed job and save money than make people's safety a priority. Smh!
Former broadcaster and NNPC General Manager, Corporate Affairs, Dr Levi Ajuonuma was one of the passengers on board the plane.
 Dr. Levi Ajuonuma
May the souls of those aboard the aircraft and those who were killed while in their homes by the aircraft all rest in PEACE..Amen.
I pray to GOD to give the families of these victims the fortitude to bear the loss.


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