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Friday, June 15, 2012

Couple has 2 sets of twins born a day apart

The father of the "Twins X 2" -- the two sets of twins born 2,000 miles apart last week  has gone to Kokomo to meet his twin daughters and take them home to Seattle.
Brian Baker took his daughters, Madison Grace and Victoria Faith, to Seattle to meet their mother, Misty, and their barely older twin siblings, Connor William and Hope Elizabeth.
Brian and Misty Baker battled infertility for a decade, then Misty's best friend, Amber Pluckebaum of Kokomo, Indiana offered to be a gestational surrogate for them. Fortunately, in the last round of In vitro fertilization (IVF), Misty and Amber both became pregnant with twins.
The Bakers couldn't make it to Kokomo for the delivery of their daughters by Amber, because Misty had given birth to their Seattle-born twins just 35 hours earlier.

"I was really excited to be able to still come and help them get home," Brian said. "It's been pretty amazing."

Connor William Baker and Hope Elizabeth Baker were born on June 7 at 4:50 am and 4:53am respectively in Seattle. That same day, in Kokomo, Amber had contractions. On June 8, Madison Grace Baker was born at 7:04 pm and Victoria Faith Baker was born at 7:37 pm.

"We are so lucky, because both Misty and I gave birth to two perfect sets of twins," Amber said.
Before heading home to Seattle, Brian and the babies paid another visit to Amber at her home.
"I kissed them and I said, 'You know, now it's time for you to take this journey with your parents. You've taken it with me up to this point. I did my job,'" Amber said.

Brian said the gratitude for Amber's selfless gift can't be measured. "There isn't a way," he said. "It's such a special thing for us; there's no way to describe it."
Amber said she has no regrets about being the Bakers' surrogate, though she admits it was tough at times. "I said, 'You know what, even if God had given me the rule book of what was going to happen during this pregnancy, I wouldn't have changed my mind. I would have still done this,'" she said.
Brian said the past week has been wonderful, albeit exhausting, as he and Misty have their first taste of parenthood. "We've been getting a total of four hours of sleep each night I think," he said.
Amber said she is ready to get back to her normal routine as a wife to her husband, Brian, and a mother to her own two young children. She said she'll miss the twins, but knows all four babies have a bright future.
"Now I'm excited to see who they're going to become," she said. "I have no doubt they are going to be amazing people."
I am so happy for this couple. They couldnt have kids for 10 years now they have 4 beautiful and healthy kids. God is wonderful!!

Nice story for both sets of twins to share when they get older, lol.
Brian and Misty Baker

Misty's wonderful and best friend- Amber

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