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Monday, June 4, 2012

Facebook interns earn a monthly salary of at least $6000

According to salary information collected by, the average monthly pay for a software engineer intern at Facebook is reported to be over $6,000.
On average, 20 U.S. Facebook software engineer interns who reported their earnings on the online career information sharing community averaged a monthly salary of $6,225. Another six Facebook software engineer interns reported earnings that averaged $6,883 monthly.'s data further breaks down across U.S. cities in which Facebook's offices are located. At the Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters, the reported average income a software engineer intern pockets comes in at $5,800 a month.

Facebook spokespeson Slater Tow stated that in addition to paying interns an attractive monthly salary, the company also "provides them with all the same benefits as normal employees – iPhone, laptop, gym access, three meals a day, all the amenities" made available at Facebook offices.

On, Facebook interns detail monthly salaries to be based on their year in school. In 2012, an anonymous user claims to be earning $6,200 a month as an undergraduate senior. Another anonymous user claimed to be earning $8,000 a month plus a tuition subsidy.


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