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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yours truly Vera Shilobod is a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Hey everyone, I became a Mary Kay Consultant last week and had my debut make up party yesterday. I also got pinned at the party!! was very exciting!
My Sales Team leader Ms Daphne Johnson travelled all the way from Fort Worth, Dallas to do the presentation for me and she did a tremendous job!!

Thanks to all those who attended the party, I appreciate your attendance, participation and sales.
As your Mary Kay beauty Consultant I can help you with:
Personalized skin care recommendations
Make up applications tips and customized looks
Fragrance finder
Beauty tips and countdown to special events
Foundation finder for your exact skin type and all other beauty issues.

Plus if you have a bridal party, quinceanera, wedding, thanksgiving, Christmas party or whatever you want to host, contact me and I will show you how you can get any Mary Kay beauty products you want for FREE. :-)

Visit my website and shop till you drop.


Anonymous said...

Wow am happy 4 u vera,but pls I will like to be a consult to bcos am a makeup artist I will like to be part of dat and also will want to be selling marykay too,how can I go about dat?pls reply!

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