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Monday, June 4, 2012

Kim Kardashian thanks her followers on Instagram with a sexy picture

Kim Kardashian sent out this pic, with the caption: "Thanks to all you 2million sexy beasts out there for following me on Instagram! So here’s a little present of me in full on beast mode! LOL."

All photo-shopped of course but she is GORGEOUS!! No homo but I believe she was created on a Sunday. God took his time to create her with beauty and nice curves. Omalicha Nwa. Asa'mptete!! :-)


Anonymous said...

lol @ no homo. Can't a woman openly lust after another woman's body without having to say "no homo"? :)

Vera Ikeji Shilobod said...

Not lust, just appreciating God's work, lol.

Anonymous said...

1st short blog...*phew*

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