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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Texas Dad beats his 4 year old daughter's molester to death

During a social gathering last Saturday, a 4 year old girl went inside the family’s home in Shiner Texas while other members of the family were tending to horses outside. A neighbour then saw a 47-year old man (with whom the father was casually acquainted) carrying the little girl away, so he quickly alerted the girl's Father.

The 22 year old Dad started to yell out his daughter's name who in turn responded by screaming. The Dad ran to his daughter and caught the 47 year old man with his pants around his ankles about to molest his daughter, he got enraged and beat him to death.
Cops were called, but the Dad wasn't arrested because he was ONLY protecting his daughter. They said he was remorseful though when he found out the molester had died. He said he didn't mean to kill him. He only wanted to get the molester off his daughter but I guess emotion took over and he went overboard. I don't blame him though. I'd do the same thing if I was in the same position.

The sheriff’s office will defer to a grand jury to decide whether murder charges will be brought against the father or not.

Lavaca County Sheriff Micah Harmon is still trying to find the molester's family to claim his body.

According to Texas law, this is justifiable homicide and as long as there is no evidence to refute the Father's side of the story, the case cant go to jury. It will be thrown out.

According to the same Texas law, if he had shot and killed the man as soon as he had caught him molesting his daughter, he wouldn't have had a problem but because he pulled him off her (which meant she was no longer in danger) and repeatedly beat him till he died, then he might be in trouble.
So right now, we don't know if the Dad will be charged with murder or not..We'll see.

The father and daughter weren't named to protect the identity of the 4 year-old girl who is described as "ok", besides the obvious mental trauma of the whole incident.

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