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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dog rescues abandoned infant under a bridge in Ghana

A farm dog in Ghana spent the night protecting an abandoned infant. Authorities say the dog was found under a bridge in Winkongo (which is near Bolgatanga, the Upper East Regional Capital of Ghana), near the farm where he lives. The dog was found with the tiny baby snuggled against him.

A search party had been convened to look for the dog, not the baby, when the pooch's worried owner got concerned that he hadn't returned home in the evening. Searchers spent most of the night tracking the hound through nearby fields and woods, and came upon the unlikely pair quite some time later; finally locating him under the bridge near the farm he calls home, they were surprised to find the dog curled around a human infant.
The baby himself is in relatively good health after his adventure. His umbilical cord had not been cut, and had gotten infected, but the infant was otherwise unharmed; he's since had all his vaccinations, and is currently in the custody of a local health directorate until new, non-bridge arrangements can be made for him.
What I don't understand is how ANY female, regardless of their age can get pregnant, go through 9 WHOLE months of pregnancy, child birth, look at the marvel they created and abandon that child. I cant seem to fathom the justification they put in their heads to make them do that!

Madam Rosemary Azure, Director of Health for the Talensi-Nabdam District, shared the remarkable story with the Ghana News Agency. Azure noted that she couldn't say what had led to the baby's desertion by his mother, but speculated that the parents were teenagers, and took the opportunity to caution locals against unprotected sex. Police are investigating.

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