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Friday, June 1, 2012

Judge orders ‘Adolf Hitler’ to be kept in child custody

A Superior Court judge in New Jersey has ruled that a pair of self-described Nazi parents will not regain custody of their four children, one of whom they named Adolf Hitler.
News reports state that the four children have been in child custody since 2009 when then 3-year-old Adolf Hitler Campbell made headlines that January after a local store refused to decorate a birthday cake with his name.

Sadly, three of the couple's four children are actually named after Nazi figures and terminology.
The children's father, Heath Campbell, protested Superior Court Judge Robert Reed's decision, saying it was based purely on the names of his children rather than the couple's ability to serve as parents.
"These kids weren't abused. Our kids weren't taken because of abuse," Campbell said. "I'm honest about who I am and what I am." I agree that he should be honest about who he is but what he forgot was that he is not his child. His child will be the one to bear that horrid name not him. Be honest about yourself Mr Campbell and leave your innocent son out of your mess.

The representatives for both sides of the case have remained silent: Attorneys for the couple have declined to comment on the case and the state's Division of Youth and Family Services is bound by confidentiality laws.

In as much as it's every parent's right to name a child whatever they want to name them, they need to put their child's feelings into consideration. Yes some stars name their kids 'Blue', 'Pilot Helikopter' and some other weird names, those names can never be compared to the name of a Nazi dictator who killed millions of people.. Their is a HUGE difference.
That boy would endure all types of ridicule from people, schoolmates and strangers alike. Already they refused to put his name on a birthday cake, what else would he encounter especially in Elementary and High school where kids can be mean. It is difficult enough doing stuff, why make it more difficult on the precious boy??

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