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Thursday, April 19, 2007

A 38-year-old woman Malaysian woman claims her twin baby is missing. She said she was awake during the Cesarean operation on March 21 and is convinced two babies were removed from her womb, although the hospital said she only had one girl.
The health ministry will investigate, the New Straits Times paper said. It said health officials had repeatedly told here she would only have one baby, while she and her husband maintained that they had been expecting two.
This happens to people who have little education or little money and it ain't fair. People go to hospitals hoping to be helped but in response,some of these people take advantage of that. This isn't the first time a mother has complained of her twin missing. Sometimes,a woman is told that her child is dead when the child isn't. The nurses tell this lie to the mother and then sell the child to an affluent childless couple which is very unfair. I pray that the culprits get caught sooner rather than later.

But on a lighter note,an Algerian woman gave birth to seven babies at a public hospital in the capital Algiers.The mother gave birth to a boy and six girls at the Kouba public hospital on Wednesday, 19th April, 2007 and she is in good condition.

According to the latest Guinness World Records, there have been three known cases of seven children surviving birth; two in the United States and one in Saudi Arabia.
The latest case was in December 1998 when six girls and two boys were born, but the lightest, weighing 11.3 ounces (320 grams), died a week later.

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