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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Nigeria, Breaking News!!!

At about 4am this morning, 21st April, 2007, an oil tanker was seen heading towards the Independent National Electoral Committee(INEC) headquarters in Abuja. There was nothing suspicious about the tanker until it hit an electric pole and a little fire was seen coming out from the beneath it.
A few people went to see if the occupants of the tanker could be rescued but, alas,there was no one in the vehicle.

The police was quickly alerted, they in turn contacted the fire department and the fire was put out.

They discovered that a huge stone had been placed on the accelerator of the tanker which made it move on its own without a driver...4 gas cylinders were also found in the tanker.The tanker had no registration number either so it cant be traced. The good thing is that the aim of some selfish evil doers was not accomplished.

I am sure the perpetrators of this crime had the intention of destroying the ballot papers,which were late in arriving from South Africa to Nigeria yesterday in the first place, so that the election could be postponed but GOD is bigger than Men.

Imagine the number of families who could have lost their lives out of some people's thoughtlessness and greed. Nigerians are getting more 'commando' these days o!

If they were as suicidal as some other people in other parts of the world are,they would have driven the tanker into the INEC building and would have killed themselves and the officials (who may have bn working to make sure the ballot papers were duly sent out). But who won die?

But thankfully they were stopped on time! Thanks to the law of acceleration! (Can't remember what that law is called in physics) Ha ha ha.

Nigerians can't sacrifice themselves by killing themselves or blowing themselves up for others(family or friends) to enjoy the benefits. They would rather work hard or defraud greedy people and be Alive to spend the money. We value our lives to much. Ha ha ha. Nobody won die!

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