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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Wonders Shall Never End!

The police have now released all the 33 bodies the bastard Korean guy wasted, including his body.

But what i saw on TV baffled me, made me very angry and wonder about the Americans.

They lined up all the bodies wt flowers and cards from family, friends and school mates. And then what did i see on the side of the heartless, thoughtless Cho whatever his name is?....Flowers and a card which read "We are sorry we didn't give u the help u needed"(Not the exact words).

Can u believe these people?

The guy wasted the lives of 32 people who did nothing wrong except go to the university to get a higher education and work(the lecturers and other non teaching staff).This guy has made some parents childless, some kids fatherless/motherless, a husband;a widower, a wife;a widow, etc.

If he's pissed at the rich, he shd have worked hard to be rich himself. Is it any body's fault that his parents are not rich and couldn't afford to give him 'Gold chains','a Mercedes' and the other unimportant stuff he was moaning about? Is it a crime to work hard and be wealthy? If it was easy to be rich,why didn't he make his own money so he coul be in the same class as the rich? The fucking bastard!!

Why are they(the authorities) blaming themselves? Why is it that when someone commits a senseless murder(s),they say the person is mentally ill? Are they saying that there are no evil people in the world? Must everyone be sick/insane b4 they think of killing or conceive evil thoughts?

What they should have done to his body is what they did to the soldiers in the movie '300'.They should have decapitated his body, hung his head on a pole, his body on other poles and left them there to rot and then dry up.

I am not vindictive but when i saw his video and his senseless ramblings,i was mad.

Na wa for oyibo people o!

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