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Friday, April 27, 2007

From Set with Love.

Hi guys, I am a passionate person. I like people in general and the ones I love and call loved ones and care about, I really do care and am protective of them.

I am almost always brought to tears every time I see poverty in Africa on TV. I watched America Idols, 'Idol gives back' last night and I am still surprised, hurt and broken everytime I see poverty in Africa. I have seen this stuff first hand, I am African, but fortunate one. I am still blown away man. I am hurt by it, I am kinda helpless and it hurts.I gave back and have been working with an Orphanage for about 8 yrs now in Liberia. I have done other work with other the less fortunate cases, but it is not enough, for I don't have a lot to give.

We all can give back in our simpliest ways and make a big difference in our community and Africa, but we don't. We could start with one person, pay an unfortunate child's school fees, Help a sick people in need of Malaria (# 1 killer in all of Africa) treatment at your local clinics.There is always someone almost at death due to no money for treatment. Do this a few times a year, buy Mosquito nets, you will be surprised how much this will do. And the thing is that they are cheap ass treatments too. I am going to do something about this in my own way I will try, in God I will. You too guys can, it will make you a better person inside and out.

Ok, I am mad and have vented, So the question is:

What will you do if your best friend, your sister or brother was about to date someone you have reservations/concerns about? Would you tell them your concerns before they start dating or wait until things goes wrong before you say what your reservations/concerns are?

Thanks Guys.


SET said...

Thank you Hon, I got a lot of feedbacks concerning this post. I hope that people are moved to make a difference in their own lil way possible.

Vera Ikeji said...

Ur welcome. I hope so too.

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