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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

crazy happenings.

French President-elect Nicolas Sarkozy leaves the Fouquet's restaurant on the Champs Elyses in Paris, 07 May 2007. Sarkozy, president-elect of France, was duped by Quebec humorists pretending to be Canada's conservative prime minister in a telephone call, but he hung up after being invited to a "dinner of fools," the jesters said.

Taiwan legislators treat a colleague who was injured following a fight in parliament in Taipei May 8, 2007.

Taiwan legislators fight due to a disagreement over a bill in parliament in Taipei May 8, 2007.Na wa O!

Pigeons gather at London's Trafalgar Square. Homeowners near a safari park in Britain have come up with a novel product for scaring away unwanted birds that are nesting on their roofs: the pungent-smelling faeces of lions and tigers. Smart, huh?

A woman crawls out of a wish tunnel at Yasui Konpiragu Shrine in Kyoto, west of Tokyo May 7, 2007. I hope she got all her wishes. Lol.

Lanterns were hung to celebrate the Lantern Festival in Laiwu, east China's Shandong province March 2, 2007. The local government in Treviso has ordered the northern Italian city's Chinese restaurants to remove red lanterns from their windows because they look too 'oriental.'

A view of the Vatican. A former employee of the Vatican was given a suspended four-month prison sentence for possessing cocaine, in a first for the Holy See's justice system.

About 18,000 people posed in the nude for an installation by US photographer Spencer Tunick on May 6, 2007 at the Zocalo square in Mexico City. Tunick is known for his photographs that feature large numbers of nude people posed in artistic formations.
A man holds pound coins in his hand in an undated file photo. A British man who went on a wild spending spree after doctors said he only had a short time to live wants compensation because the diagnosis was wrong and he is now healthy -- but broke.

A handful of dead scorpions. Two Hong Kong women were treated in hospital after they suffered suspected stings from scorpions lurking in imported fruit, according to health officials.

A man walks inside a graveyard in Indian city of Kolkata November 27, 2006. A villager is campaigning in northern India for the rights of people declared legally dead by cheating relatives seeking to steal their assets.

Cars sit in traffic on a street in downtown Berlin on March 23, 2005 cos a German man failed his driving test after attempting the examination while three times over the legal alcohol limit.


linda ikeji said...

what a crazy world we live in

linda ikeji said...

what a crazy world we live in

Vera Ikeji said...

Yep, Crazy world.

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