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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Entertainment news.

Britney Spear's new hair style.
Britney Spears has been keeping her newly-short haircut under wraps in public, but one of her backup dancers says the pop star's buzz cut looks great.The famously self-shorn singer, whose hair is now about two inches long, even jokingly asked her dancers: "Would y'all cut your hair?"none of them took her up on her offer. lol.
I hope she bounces back in style, not her lip singing act but the real Britney Spears we all knew and loved.

Johnny Depp's talks about his daughter's illness.
Lily-Rose, Johnny Depp's 7-year-old daughter, with French actress-singer Vanessa Paradis, 34, was hospitalized in London while Depp was in England filming Sweeney Todd.He said it was a very bumpy patch, but she has come through it beautifully and unscathed, and she is now as healthy as she always was. She is wonderful."In early March, Depp's rep said in a statement that they are happy to report that Johnny's daughter is doing much better. The family greatly appreciates the continued support and respect of their privacy.
Depp and Paradis also have a son, Jack, 5.

Sheryl Crow has adopted a Child.
Shery Crow, 45, has joined the league of holywood stars by adopting a 2-week-old boy.
The child was named Wyatt, after Crow's father, and the middle name Steven, after both her younger brother Steven Crow and manager Steven "Scooter" Weintraub. The details of the child's nationality has not been revealed except that the child was born in the United States. She just wrapped up a Stop Global Warming college tour and now,wants to take some time off to be a mom.
Sheryl who split with Lance Armstrong in February 2006 and was diagnosed with breast cancer that same month (she has since successfully completed treatment) is now a single mom and i s searching for Mr. Right. Cowboys should send in their applications.

Rapper Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas Charged with possession of marijuana.
Taboo is facing a maximum $200 fine – and no time – for two misdemeanor drug charges.
Taboo, whose real name is Jaime Luis Gomez, 31, had a small amount of marijuana when he was arrested in March in the City of Industry, near Los Angeles, after a minor traffic accident, police say. Prosecutors Thursday charged him with possession of marijuana while driving, and possession of 28.5 grams or less of marijuana, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office. If convicted, he faces only the fine and no jail term. His arraignment is set for May 25.

T.R Knight was begged not to go public.
Before Grey's Anatomy star T. R. Knight,34,came out last year, some advised him not to do it. While friends were beautifully supportive,others cautiously advised him, "Don't do it – don't do it now." He made the decision to come out after his castmate Isaiah Washington referred to him on-set by a homophobic slur.
He said he could have not spoken up, could have retreated. But is definitely happy he made the decision." ( Isaiah Washington has since apologized.) Knight said he guessed there had been a few questions about his sexuality, and he's glad it's in the open now. While he prefers to keep his personal life private, he hopes the fact that he's gay isn't the most interesting part of him.But Knight, who is single insists coming out hasn't much affected his love life. He still assumes people aren't interested in him, but notes: "Too much aggression isn't a good thing either.

Jaime Presly welcomes a baby boy.
Jaime Pressly (My Name is Earl star) and her deejay fiancé, Eric Cubiche, welcomed a baby boy, Dezi James, on Friday. The child was born at 7:31 a.m. in Los Angeles and weighed 6 lbs. 4 oz. The Emmy-nominated actress, 29, who also designs the clothing line J'aime.The Cuban-American Cubiche, 33, does a Desi Arnaz impersonation, calling Pressly "Luuucy" when he comes home at night. James is her father's name. The couple were friends for more than nine years and dated for a year and a half before getting engaged in October, when Cubiche presented Pressly with a ring they had designed together.It's May and apparently they are in no rush to get married. She says she would like to be married some day but doesn't think it's necessary to do that before you have kids,a lot of women do it later.
Na so, keep fooling ur self with that.

Leonardo and His Neigbhors Palaver.
Leonardo DiCaprio's neighbors have complained about the construction of a personal basketball in his OWN HOUSE. His neighbors (a couple), filed a lawsuit on thursday alleging that DiCaprio's backyard renovation for the recreation area has caused damage to their uphill property since July 2004. They said DiCaprio "maliciously" crossed onto their property, cutting and removing hedges, excavating "earth, granite and bedrock," which has destabilized their deck and pool. The neighbors claim that damages exceed $250,000. They also say Leo ignored their repeated demands to stop construction.
I wonder why they would tell him what to do on his own property.
This man should be given an award,it's not fair that he gets nominated but doesn't win. I have seen Blood Diamond, he even spoke pidgin English and drank Palm wine,in that movie,yet he was overlooked. It's not easy for a white guy to speak pidgin but he did. The Departed was wonderful, his act there was incredible, he looked like everything happening to him was actually happening for real,he was FANTASTIC in that movie yet he was overlooked. Stop the bad belle in USA abeg.


SET said...

Britney needs to settle in and get her mind right, She is a mess and it take time to get it all together after a failed marriage and two kids and no panties pics all over the net? She has too many things to deal with and get over b4 she can make a great comeback. she is so sloppy too, ewww

Vera Ikeji said...

Hey Set. I am happy that ur friend made ur heart smile. It's very important for us all to be happy at some point in our lives.

SET said...

Thanks Vera, it is secret I have not released as to who it is yet but I will tomorrow or whenever I speak to that person again. And did I say I want to marry Leonardo, he is so smart and smooth. I could feel secure with him, lol. I know he has a girlfriend but hey I can dream ma.

Vera Ikeji said...

Will be looking forward to it.
Dreams could come true.
See Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

SET said...


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