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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Nigerian President.Umaru Musa Yar'Adua

Yay!!!! We have a new President.
The new President Umaru Musa Yar Adua has being sworn in along with his Vice Dr. Goodluck Jonathan (GCON).
Alhaji Musa Yar'Adua(GCMR)Commamnder in chief of the arm forces was sworn in at the Eagles Square in Abuja, Nigeria today 29th May,2007.

The swearing in ceremony was done with all pomp and pageantry. There were some displays and stunts by the Nigerian Police Force, Some secondary school kids in Blue Uniforms came out in march past and formed words like UNITY, PEACE and DEMOCRACY FOREVER.
The broadcast was shown with the Nigerian Communications Satellite-1(NIGCOMSAT-1).
This is the first civilllian handover in the history of Nigeria and it was very peaceful.


Anonymous said...

this cant be the 1st civilian hand over now!didnt abdusalaam handover to obj in 1999..and didnt Obj handover to Shagari iin d 70's or summn

Yaamaji said...

Long live Africa. Good luck to Nigeria and Umaru.

The Nigerian Delta needs serious attention. The european thieves there are destroying the people and the place, and absconding with African wealth, while the cause Africans to waste time on THEIR diabolical democracy.

May Africans quickly recall their successful Indigenous Principles of Governance, which were so prevalent and peace-giving in Africa, before the evil invaders destroy/disrupt African successful societies and transcendental cultures.

May Nigerians RE-CREATE the country in Afrocentric image and quickly cast out the evil eurocentric image of 'divide and rule'; because the european-created African countries were not made to succeed as such.

The present form of european-created African countries will remain basket cases and slaves/servants to foreign thieves as long as they are in eurocentirc image.

The Egyptians left a long lasting Pharaonic legacy for Africans to recall their true worth during this period of extreme malaise.

Down with devilish 'divide and rule' democracy of the foreign thieves and murderers of europe.

And girl, promote Black people on your blog. The extremely insecure and brazen white devils are already hogging more than their fair share of the planet. When you promote evil beings you give them that much extra longevity. And if you don't promote your African kind, you think that the destructive anti-Africans will?

Vera Ikeji said...

@ Pink Satin. Yes this is the first Civillian hand over. Abdusallami wasnt a Civillian,he was a military man when he handed over to Obasanjo and Obasanjo handed over to Shagari in 1979 as a Military.
This is the first 'Civillian to Civillian' hand over in the history of Nigeria.

The Pseudo-Independent said...

I was so glad yesterday. A new dawn and I hope nothing derails the steps the country is now making for sustenance. Great post Vera and hope to see you around.

Ugo Daniels said...

Hmmm, i see a rightist here. I wonder why yu never took part in da NIgerian Proclamation thingy!

Anonymous said...

congratulations darling

Vera Ikeji said...

Thanks Psuedo. See u around.
Ugo, me a rightist? hahaha. No way. Thanks for the thought.
Overwhelmed Naija Babe. Thank you o!!