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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Why Angelina Jolie Decided to have her own child.

Angelina Jolie has always said she wanted to adopt children from all over the world – but she opened up to the idea of having a biological child after she met Brad Pitt. Jolie already had two kids, son Maddox, now 5, adopted from Cambodia, and daughter Zahara, 2, from Ethiopia, when she became pregnant with daughter Shiloh, who turns 1 on May 27.
Angie said before she met Brad, she always said she was happy never to have a child biologically. She said Brad told her he hadn't given up that thought. Then, a few months after Z came home, she saw Brad with her and Mad, and realized how much he loved him, that a biological child would not in any way be a threat. So she decided to try.

Angie opened up about her relationship with Pitt, 43, why she decided to welcome a fourth child (son Pax, 3, whom she adopted from Vietnam in March) .She said she met Brad and realized how amazing he was, they realized they had very similar views on how they wanted to live their lives. She said, picking up the kids from school one day, Brad turned around in the car, and there were three of them. He couldn't stop laughing."

She said they decided to adopt a toddler from Vietnam becos,it's harder for kids to be adopted as they get older.

She said omething changed for her with Shiloh. She said became clear to her that it might be important to have somebody around who is similar to the other children so they have a connection. Mad's very excited that his brother is from Asia."

Angie says she wants More biological and more adopted children.

On finding quality time with Pitt: "Right now, that's our problem! We hang out. We try to talk over the swing set. We'll have a date night once everybody is settled. ... Especially now with Pax, he still gets scared if I'm gone more than a few hours. But we'll get them occupied with a movie and popcorn and try to run off and lock the door for a bit."

On what Pitt finds sexy about her: "I could be dressed up in the sexiest outfit for a photo shoot, and by his behavior, he'll let me know that's nice, but it's nothing as sexy as when I'm home surrounded by the kids or reading books, educating myself."

1 comment:

catwalq said...

the rate at which this woman is adding children i crazy. has she not heard of family planning?
when she adopted the first one, I thought "wow". Now I am just like slow down. I hope she knows she cannot return them if she suddenly become bored