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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hey Everyone, Urs truly made it on BBC Breaking News.

I was quoted by BBC on its Breaking News on Yar'Adua's Inauguration. I saw it on Ugo's Daniles blog and followed his link to the story. I was so excited when i saw my name and part of my post on the News. I was more excited when i saw my name underneath Yar' Adua's picture. Yay!!!!!!!!! Small me,on BBC Breaking News. E no easy jo!!! I tried to post it the way Ugo Daniels posted his but couldnt. Lol. I am still learning. Pls follow this link to read more and see more pics. Yay!!!!!!!!! I am on the news..
Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 May 2007, 16:34
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Nigerian bloggers mount campaign
As Umaru Yar'Adua is ushered in as president of Nigeria, the BBC News website looks at a campaign mounted by Nigerian bloggers to express their disappointment at recent political events and the April elections.
Solomonsydelle on Nigerian Curiosity called on the Nigerian blogosphere to make a statement about Yar'Adua's inauguration.
"My people, let us join together to show our rulers and leaders that we are watching, that they are accountable to the people and that we will not let them forget." ...continued on the link.

The Nigeria Proclamation reads in part:
"In recent history, Nigerians have been overwhelmingly betrayed by those charged with addressing their needs. Instead of serving the people, public servants have served themselves to the detriment of the masses. The result is a nation lacking adequate infrastructure, organization and security.
Several Nigerian bloggers took up Solomonsydelle's challenge.

One of them - Omodudu - describes himself as "an economist with Nigeria on the brain".
He praises Solomonsydelle's initiative as "a one of a kind opportunity for bloggers in the Nigerian blogspace to make a mark" and noted that blogs could one day become a voice for the Nigerian people.
"Let us speak with one voice. Let us make demands," Omodudu implored.
"A wise man once said that evil triumphs when good men do nothing," Olawunmi began a posting on his Silent Storms in an Ocean of One.
Blogging from the UK, Olawunmi confessed that his first reaction to the Nigerian Proclamation was one of scepticism, but he soon realised its value.
"It's not only to call for action, but to remind us (you and I), what is wrong, so that we can watch out for it in future and seize the opportunity to fight it any way we can," he wrote.... continued on the link.
'Cheating referee'
Not all Nigerian bloggers are supportive of the campaign.
Commenting on Ugo's Nigerian Blogger in Cyprus , Donzman doubts the campaign will achieve much.
"Pardon my cynicism, but if this rises to the top of Google search, then what? Google will evict Yar'Adua from Aso Rock with missiles painted in the different colours of the rainbow?," poses Donzman - a contributor to Lagos blog!.
"What exactly do you expect to achieve, for Yar'Adua to type 'Nigeria' into his Google search bar, see all the complaints and proceed to pack his bags?"
Chxta of Chxta's World , also commenting on Ugo's blog, suggested that the campaign was coming a bit late in the day.
"Pardon my cynicism, but isn't it a little too late for this? Where were we when the events that led us to this pass were occurring?" Chxta wondered. continued on the link.

But some bloggers supported Mr Yar'Adua's victory and ascension to the presidency.
Vera Ikeji was elated about Mr Yar'Adua's inauguration.
"Yay!!!!," she exclaimed. "We have a new president.
Thy Glory O Nigeria!


Stevo said...

Heeeey, Well done love...

Ugo Daniels said...

Gr8, though you're a late comer to the!

Ugo Daniels said...

Gr8, though you're a late comer to the!

Vera Ikeji said...

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy!!!!!
This has made my day.
Countdown: 2 Weeks to go.

Vera Ikeji said...

I just saw it o!!! lol. Better late than never,abi. hahahaha. Ugo, we are celebrities o. yay!!! lol.

The Last King Of Scotland said...

congrats o. ur voice was being heard and appreciated. same goes to ugo daniels, olawunmi and others mentioned.can i get an

The Pseudo-Independent said...

Ill be leaving blogsville shortly and this comment is a reminder to stop by on my way out. I would like to say goodbye. Its sad for me cos this (me leaving) is coming at a time I have only recently discovered your blog. God bless and all the best. See you soon

Anonymous said...

u famous now!

pamelastitch said...


SET said...


diary of a G said...

you seem very happy
Am happy for you
all I ask is that you sign your autograph on my blog

make it out to big Daddy G

Nyemoni said...

Good job girl! happy 4 u!!

Ugo Daniels said...

lol at D of a G...lmao!!



Vera Ikeji said...

@ Last king of Scotland. Autograph? ummmmm, i will consider ur request. Lol.
@ Pseudo, it's a pity that u are leaving. It is well. Thanks for stopping by on ur way.
@ Pink Satin. Yes O! Lol.
@ Pamela stitch. Than you o!!
@ SET, Yes.Lol. Thank you.
@ Diary of a G, Yes i am VERY happy. I will sign the autograph, dont worry. Lol.
@ Nyemoni. Thank you o!
@ Solomonsydelle. Thanks.

chidi said...

well done! i'm very jealous!!

Anonymous said...

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